Ermelo Christian School follows the A.C.E Programme. We believe that the foundation of a sound education includes morals and values; we as a school therefore strive to instil excellence, integrity and accountability within each and every learner.


The A.C.E. programme fosters a Christian ethos and consists of PACEs that learners work through at their own pace.


Benefits of the A.C.E. Programme:

• Academic Excellence

• Individualised Instruction

• Mastery-Based Learning

• Biblical Values

• Computer-Enhanced Learning

• Reasoning Skills

• Character Building

• Bible-Based Instruction

• Diagnostic Testing

The stages:

Ermelo Christian School is a Primary School and a High School.

The Primary School consists of the following phases:

Foundation Phase: Grade 1- 3

Intermediate and Senior Phase: Grade 4 -7


The High School consists of the following phases:

Senior Phase:  Grade 8-9

Further Education and Training: Grade 10 – 12

The students may exit their school career by the following means:

The ACE – Cambridge root: Grade 10 and 11 they follow the A.C.E Programme and Grade 12 they prepare for the Cambridge Exam.


Pure Cambridge Root: IGCE, AS and A Levels